What you need to know when buying used reel mowers

When times are hard, not many have the time and can afford to have manicured gardens. In addition, not all people spend on expensive grass cutters and electric mowers either. So it’s a great idea to buy a used reel mowers sold online or elsewhere, especially when the lawn is just small. Reel mowers, although operated manually, actually have some great benefits. They’re quiet, economical, earth friendly, cut grass efficiently, and they don’t blow exhaust on your face while mowing the lawn.

However, you must be careful when buying used reel mowers. If they’re not brand new then there are some factors to consider. First of all, you must inspect if the cylindrical blades of the reel mowers are rust-free. Used reel mowers are often kept for long periods of time or overused such that the blades have become dull. So take a closer look at the blades. You wouldn’t want an unpleasant sight of row after row of grass that’s unevenly cut. If the used reel mowers are reconditioned, then that would be excellent. That would mean the main parts have been checked and fixed. Inquire about the potential problems that can show up sooner or later.

When selecting used reel mowers, it’s also helpful to ask about the weight. Modern reel mowers are light and very efficient. The old ones need a lot of effort and takes long time to use. So consider the age of the used mower and ask for the year when it was purchased. If you may do so, give the one you chosen a test just to be sure. There are some mowers that can be as heavy as 40 lbs. or more. But if you’re lucky, there are some that can weigh even lighter than 20lbs. So try to choose between cutting power and weight for excellent results.

Another thing must remember regarding used reel mowers is which grass they can cut. Unlike modern electric mowers, reel mowers are not capable of doing an all-around job in the garden. Reel mowers can hardly cut weedy grasses as some are too low. If it’s a razor-cut reel mower, then it’s likely sharp enough to cut tall and thick grasses including Zoysia and St. Augstine. Low-cutting reel mowers are also good for cutting Bermuda grass. Modern reel movers however, regardless of size, can almost deal witht anything including fine grass. Thus, look for modern versions of reel mowers as much as possible.

Useful Tips on Using a Manual Push Reel Mower

A manual push mower can give more benefits over rotary reel mowers. Some people have doubts about using them since they are not powered by a motor but they are really easy to use. You also don’t have to finance gas or electricity when using it so it is friendly to the budget. They are also helpful to the environment because they do not emit toxic fumes, plus they’re lightweight and very silent to operate as they have no motor. Here are a couple of tips that you can follow when using a manual push reel mower.

A wonderful thing that you can do with your manual push reel mower is mow your lawn very early in the morning, when there is already a sufficient amount of daylight. With motorized lawn mowers, specifically gas powered ones, you need to be understanding of your sleeping neighbors when mowing the lawn and that is why you must not use them very early in the morning. However, it is different with a manual push reel mower because they are not obnoxious when operated. This lets you enjoy the morning scenery and avoid the scorching heat without having to disturb your neighbors.

One more tip for using a manual push reel mower is that you must not let the grass grow too long. A manual push reel mower is not recommended for trimming long grasses because it requires more effort to do so. Hence, you have to always schedule mowing your lawn or you will have a harder time on your subsequent mowing session.

Another great tip when using a manual push reel mower is using the grass clippings as mulch for your lawn.

A manual push reel mower trims the grass in a fine manner and instead of putting the clippings on the trash, you can just discard them on the lawn. This way you have an instant organic fertilizer for your newly-trimmed grass.

Finally, you may try out different mowing patterns and also cutting height. This way, you can discover the most ideal and efficient method and setup for your own lawn.

Tips On Buying Riding Reel Mowers

There are instances when a lawn is too enormous and a typical size reel mower will not get the job done, and that is when riding reel mowers are recommended. Aside from large lawns, they are often used in golf courses, baseball fields, football fields, and other sports fields. A lot of riding reel mowers are of professional grade because they are commonly used for big establishments, although commercial grades are also available. If you are planning on buying riding reel mowers, here are some of the things that you may want to consider.

The first issue when choosing riding reel mowers is the type of gasoline it utilizes. If you wish save more on fuel costs in the long run, diesel-powered is recommended because diesel has a lower price than gasoline. Additionally, heavy-duty riding reel mowers particularly those that have more than three heads usually require diesel due to their greater power needs. On the other hand, gasoline-powered riding reel mowers are not as expensive as they are usually lighter-duty models.

One more essential consideration when selecting riding reel mowers to purchase is the number of blades that it has. The number of blades vary from 5 to 11. Keep in mind that more blades are not necessarily better. While more blades make the cut more flat, they also considerably lessens the range of height of cut of the mower. 5 to 8 blades are usually the most flexible number of blades. Riding reel mowers with more than 8 blades are often used in golf courses where the grass needs to be cut smoothly.

Last but not the least, you also have to select between two-wheel or all-wheel riding reel mowers. Even though two-wheel drives are generally sufficient for typical mowing requirements, all-wheel drives have an extra push and therefore they have more traction than the former. All-wheel drives are recommended for turfs that have hillsides or slopes. Keep in mind though that an all-wheel drive are more likely to damage the turf so do not buy it unless absolutely necessary.

The Benefits of Gas Powered Reel Mowers

Several people may think about why would anyone ever consider getting gas powered reel mowers. Gasoline and reel mowers seems to be an unlikely combination since one of the reasons people use reel mowers is that they are a clean way of mowing lawns. However, gas powered reel mowers have some benefits over the other kinds of lawn mowers and hence they are more useful in certain situations. Here are some of the benefits of gas powered reel mowers.

First of all, gas powered reel mowers is a kind of a reel mower hence its way of cutting grass is dissimilar to gas powered rotary mowers. Reel mowers do not tear the grass since it snips them instead, which is the same as how a pair of scissors work. This is due to the interweaving spiral blade design of reel mowers. The result of this is a healthier trim which encourages a quick grass growth. It also protects the freshly-trimmed grass from insect attacks and sicknesses.

One more great advantage of gas powered reel mowers is that is recommended for enormous lawns. A push reel mower requires a lot of time and energy to finish mowing an enormous lawn. Corded electric lawn mowers are not recommended as well because their range is limited.

Battery powered reel mowers may work in some situations but once the batteries run out, you either have to switch to its manual, push reel mower mode or recharge the batteries once more. Furthermore, since they cut grass beautifully and consistently, gas powered reel mowers may also be used for parks and playing fields.

However, there are also disadvantages of using gas powered reel mowers.

First of all, it doesn’t use a green technology. Next is that a lot of gas powered reel mowers have very noisy engines. Another disadvantage is that they are very heavy because of their motors. Lastly, they can be quite expensive in the long run since you have to finance the costs of gas to power them.

The Benefits of An Electric Reel Mower

If you are not sure if you really want to buy a push reel mower, why not purchase an electric reel mower instead? An electric reel mower can provide you with the best of both rotary and push reel mowers due to the qualities it has. An electric reel mower is basically a push reel mower with a motor that is powered by rechargeable batteries. Read on to know more about the benefits of using an electric reel mower.

The primary advantage of an electric reel mower is that it covers what may be thought of as the weaknesses of a push reel mower. For example, there are certain types of thick grasses that a push reel mower cannot cut such as Bermuda and St. Augustine. An electric reel mower however has the ability to cut these grasses as it is mechanized.

One more main issue of push reel mowers is that you need to sharpen its blades from time to time which will require a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, most electric reel mowers have flame hardened non-contact blade system which has improved durability that doesn’t require sharpening until around 7 to 10 years.

One more advantage of an electric reel mower is that it is still an environmental-friendly way of mowing your lawn. An electric reel mower is typically runs on rechargeable batteries so it doesn’t contribute to the pollution. And because they are battery-powered, they don’t require cords so you can use them on very large lawns. Also, most models can function as a regular push reel mower when the batteries run out, which gives them a huge advantage over electric rotary mowers.

Last but not the least, an electric reel mower does the job in a quick and effective way. As the blades run on batteries, they are not dependent on the user’s pushing force for them to spin. And because it is still a form of reel mower, it cuts the grass with interlocking, spiral blades and therefore they are cut cleanly, unlike rotary mowers that shred and tear them. A clean cut encourages healthy grass growth as they heal more quickly and they are less vulnerable to diseases or insect attacks.

Learning How Do Reel Mowers Work

Several people may think about how do reel mowers work. You may be astonished at how this simple machine that doesn’t have complicated mechanical component is capable of effectively cutting grass in such a uniform manner. Here are some details on the science behind how do reel mowers work.

The first thing that you need to know on how do reel mowers work is the parts that makes up this apparatus. A reel mower commonly is composed of a main wheel gear, a pinion gear, a pair of wheels, a handle, rollers, cutting bed or cutter bar, a brush bar, an axle, and a blade reel that usually has 5 sets of diagonal blades. These parts are commonly attached with nut, bolts, and screws, although some models have adjustable know with handles as connectors.

The following thing that you have to know on how do reel mowers work are the purpose of these parts. The handle of the reel mower absorbs the force that is exerted by the user of the reel mower. This in turn causes the wheels of the reel mower to rotate. Attached to the wheel is the main wheel gear that causes the pinion gear to turn as well. The pinion gear meanwhile is fixed to the blade wheel that causes it to rotate as the reel mower rolls forward.

As the reel mower is moved onward by the user, uncut grass comes in contact first with the brush bar. The brush bar bends the grass so that it will be amenable for cutting in the spinning blade cylinder. While the spinning blade reel looks as if it does the majority of the work, it actually is not capable of cutting the grass on its own.The grass is cut when it is inserted between one of the blade in the reel and the cutter bar at the end of the mower. Changing the distance of the blade reel to the cutting bar will adjust the cutting height of the reel mower.

The final thing that you have to know in how do reel mowers work is the purpose of the rollers. These rollers primarily provide balance to the mower when cutting grass. However, they can also be adjusted so that you can set the height of the cut grass.

How to choose the right pull-behind reel mowers

When it comes to Physics, it seems normal to exert more energy pulling things rather than pushing them, due to the fact that one’s body is designed to move forward and not the opposite. Is this applicable to lawn mowers? Actually, it doesn’t especially when your reel mower is pulled back by a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) like that of a pull-behind reel mower. A pull-behind reel mower is made for massive grass cutting, for those who have extra large lawns or farm areas that need maintenance. Here are some examples of pull-behind reel mowers that can match the needs of any big lawn.

Pro Series Pull Behind 3-Gang Reel Mower – this pull-behind reel mower functions similarly to a typical reel mower, use scissors cut on the grass not tearing it like most electric mowers do. Thus, the result is healthy cut grass. This product is a mix of three reel mowers suited for average home lawns, small farm areas, and other light commercial uses. It can do work at the rate of 2 acres per hour ,plus, the reels efficiently track the contour of the turf and leave no uneven cuts, thereby giving golf course quality cut. It’s not expensive.

Sport Field Pull Behind 7-Gang Reel Mower – If your area is a big as a whole farm or an entire football field that must be cut in a day, then this 7-gang reel mower will do it. This pull-behind reel mower efficiently covers up to 5 acres per hour.It’s made of the finest 21 in. cut reel. It can take a lot of punishing and has a patented traction frames that easily cuts through wet grass without it slipping or missing out on blades. When it comes to weight and operation, this reel mower requires 16 HP to pull and its center reels can be moved since the center reels can be lifted.

SpecCast JDM 218 – 1/16 John Deere MT Pull-Behind Mower – For great farming needs, this is a great help since this will cut massive amounts of grass quickly, and clean up after you at the same time. This John Deere MT Pull-Behind Mower is a metal agricultural construction vehicle and tractor-trailer that comes with a cultivator too. It’s durable and tough, and it may also be used in cutting large crops. During harvest season you can use its pull-behind reel mower to clean up the field after harvesting your crops.

Classic Reel Mower 101

A classic reel mower is one of the most basic forms of lawn mowers that were ever produced. They were utilized before mechanized rotary mowers were created. While most people today utilize a rotary mower for their garden, the classic reel mower is starting to become appealing once again because of current environmental concerns regarding the former. In addition, the latter also offer a few advantages over its motorized counterpart. Here are several thing that you need to learn concerning a classic reel mower.

A classic reel mower works by pushing the mower transversely to cut the grass. As a person pushes the mower, the gears in its wheel spin, causing the blade reel to turn. The blade reel typically has five spiral blades. Though the blade reel is essential in cutting the grass, it in fact cannot cut the grass on its own as it requires the assistance of the cutting bed. The blade reel and the cutting bed functions very much like a pair of scissors, since the grass is cut when it is led in between these metals. In addition, you can set the cutting height of the grass by tweaking the distance between the cutting bed and the blade reel, or by adjusting the height of the rollers.

A classic reel mower also has a lot of advantages for people who own a lawn. First of all, you save a lot of money with a classic reel mower. They are not costly as powered rotary mowers and you don’t have spend on operational costs like gas or electricity because you only have to push it to make it work. It is also wonderful for the environment since it doesn’t emit any gasses. One more advantage is you get a useful workout when making use of the classic reel mower, so it is a practical way of staying fit. It is cordless so you can utilize it on very huge lawns. Lastly, its design doesn’t tear or slash the grass like a rotary mower, which results in a healthy, clean cut that is good for your grass.

All About Sharpening Reel Mowers

Sharpening reel mowers is an essential procedure that must be conducted on your mower from time to time.

Regular use of the reel mower makes the blade exposed to various hard materials, making them dull. A reel mower operates more smoothly if it is sharp since it will be able to cut the grass more evenly. Here are some methods that you can use when sharpening reel mowers.

One manual method of sharpening reel mowers is by making use of a hand file. To perform this, first set the reel mower in an elevated platform like a table so that you can sharpen the blades without bending down. Then put a stopper or a clamp on the reel mower to prevent it from rolling while you are working on it. As an additional safety measure, put a crowbar in the blade reel to stop it from rotating. Then utilize the hand file to smoothen the edge of the blades. Remember not to rub the blade with your hand while sharpening with the hand file. In addition, you need not to sharpen both sides of the blade. After sharpening one blade, remove the crowbar and spin the blade reel so you can continue sharpening the next one.

Another method of sharpening reel mowers is by using a grinding compound. A grinding compound is a bumpy, abrasive chemical that is smeared on the blades of the reel mower so that when they are rotated, they are sharpened as it hits against the cutter blade. There are three methods of rotating the blade reel when using this technique of sharpening reel mowers. First, you can spin the blade reel with your hand. However, this method is dangerous and inefficient. The second is by using a reel mower sharpening kit that comes with a grinding compound and a crank that you can attach on the gear of the reel mower. Finally, you may also use an electric drill that has a deep socket to mechanically rotate the blade reels.

As a final reminder, you can proceed on sharpening the other blades if you have observed that the edges of the blades are already smooth.

All About How To Use A Reel Mower

People who want to be more physically fit, cut back on gardening costs, and help save the environment should find out how to use a reel mower. A push reel mower does not need gas or electricity so it doesn’t contribute to pollution. You can use it by yourself so you don’t have to employ a gardener. It is also a productive way of exercising. Here are some information on how to use a reel mower.

The primary step in how to use a reel mower is examining the apparatus. You must make sure that the blades are not bent, tight, and still sharp. Mowing with dull blades is very inefficient. In addition, make the important adjustments to the reel mower such as putting the grass catcher to it or tweaking the cut grass height.

The following step in how to use reel mower is inspecting the lawn for obstacles such as twigs, debris, garbage, rocks, and other solid items. Remove them as soon as you see anything that can get stuck in the blades of the mower. This is also to avoid accidents from happening while you are cutting the grass.

Then the main step in how to use a reel mower is going to the edge of your lawn with the mower. Hold on to the handle with both your hands and proceed on pushing the reel mower onward in a straight manner. When you have reached the opposite edge, turn around and repeat this step for the opposite direction. It is advisable that you set the mower at around 1/4 over the already-cut lawn strip so that you don’t miss a spot even if you cannot push the mower straight. In addition, try not to make back and forth motions with the reel mower.

You may want to go on another run at the lawn if you think that the grass is still uneven. Alternatively, you can cross-cut the grass by positioning the reel mower diagonally on the lawn. Keep in mind to clean and oil the blades of the reel mower after using it.