All About How To Use A Reel Mower

People who want to be more physically fit, cut back on gardening costs, and help save the environment should find out how to use a reel mower. A push reel mower does not need gas or electricity so it doesn’t contribute to pollution. You can use it by yourself so you don’t have to employ a gardener. It is also a productive way of exercising. Here are some information on how to use a reel mower.

The primary step in how to use a reel mower is examining the apparatus. You must make sure that the blades are not bent, tight, and still sharp. Mowing with dull blades is very inefficient. In addition, make the important adjustments to the reel mower such as putting the grass catcher to it or tweaking the cut grass height.

The following step in how to use reel mower is inspecting the lawn for obstacles such as twigs, debris, garbage, rocks, and other solid items. Remove them as soon as you see anything that can get stuck in the blades of the mower. This is also to avoid accidents from happening while you are cutting the grass.

Then the main step in how to use a reel mower is going to the edge of your lawn with the mower. Hold on to the handle with both your hands and proceed on pushing the reel mower onward in a straight manner. When you have reached the opposite edge, turn around and repeat this step for the opposite direction. It is advisable that you set the mower at around 1/4 over the already-cut lawn strip so that you don’t miss a spot even if you cannot push the mower straight. In addition, try not to make back and forth motions with the reel mower.

You may want to go on another run at the lawn if you think that the grass is still uneven. Alternatively, you can cross-cut the grass by positioning the reel mower diagonally on the lawn. Keep in mind to clean and oil the blades of the reel mower after using it.