All About Sharpening Reel Mowers

Sharpening reel mowers is an essential procedure that must be conducted on your mower from time to time.

Regular use of the reel mower makes the blade exposed to various hard materials, making them dull. A reel mower operates more smoothly if it is sharp since it will be able to cut the grass more evenly. Here are some methods that you can use when sharpening reel mowers.

One manual method of sharpening reel mowers is by making use of a hand file. To perform this, first set the reel mower in an elevated platform like a table so that you can sharpen the blades without bending down. Then put a stopper or a clamp on the reel mower to prevent it from rolling while you are working on it. As an additional safety measure, put a crowbar in the blade reel to stop it from rotating. Then utilize the hand file to smoothen the edge of the blades. Remember not to rub the blade with your hand while sharpening with the hand file. In addition, you need not to sharpen both sides of the blade. After sharpening one blade, remove the crowbar and spin the blade reel so you can continue sharpening the next one.

Another method of sharpening reel mowers is by using a grinding compound. A grinding compound is a bumpy, abrasive chemical that is smeared on the blades of the reel mower so that when they are rotated, they are sharpened as it hits against the cutter blade. There are three methods of rotating the blade reel when using this technique of sharpening reel mowers. First, you can spin the blade reel with your hand. However, this method is dangerous and inefficient. The second is by using a reel mower sharpening kit that comes with a grinding compound and a crank that you can attach on the gear of the reel mower. Finally, you may also use an electric drill that has a deep socket to mechanically rotate the blade reels.

As a final reminder, you can proceed on sharpening the other blades if you have observed that the edges of the blades are already smooth.