How to choose the right pull-behind reel mowers

When it comes to Physics, it seems normal to exert more energy pulling things rather than pushing them, due to the fact that one’s body is designed to move forward and not the opposite. Is this applicable to lawn mowers? Actually, it doesn’t especially when your reel mower is pulled back by a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) like that of a pull-behind reel mower. A pull-behind reel mower is made for massive grass cutting, for those who have extra large lawns or farm areas that need maintenance. Here are some examples of pull-behind reel mowers that can match the needs of any big lawn.

Pro Series Pull Behind 3-Gang Reel Mower – this pull-behind reel mower functions similarly to a typical reel mower, use scissors cut on the grass not tearing it like most electric mowers do. Thus, the result is healthy cut grass. This product is a mix of three reel mowers suited for average home lawns, small farm areas, and other light commercial uses. It can do work at the rate of 2 acres per hour ,plus, the reels efficiently track the contour of the turf and leave no uneven cuts, thereby giving golf course quality cut. It’s not expensive.

Sport Field Pull Behind 7-Gang Reel Mower – If your area is a big as a whole farm or an entire football field that must be cut in a day, then this 7-gang reel mower will do it. This pull-behind reel mower efficiently covers up to 5 acres per hour.It’s made of the finest 21 in. cut reel. It can take a lot of punishing and has a patented traction frames that easily cuts through wet grass without it slipping or missing out on blades. When it comes to weight and operation, this reel mower requires 16 HP to pull and its center reels can be moved since the center reels can be lifted.

SpecCast JDM 218 – 1/16 John Deere MT Pull-Behind Mower – For great farming needs, this is a great help since this will cut massive amounts of grass quickly, and clean up after you at the same time. This John Deere MT Pull-Behind Mower is a metal agricultural construction vehicle and tractor-trailer that comes with a cultivator too. It’s durable and tough, and it may also be used in cutting large crops. During harvest season you can use its pull-behind reel mower to clean up the field after harvesting your crops.