Learning How Do Reel Mowers Work

Several people may think about how do reel mowers work. You may be astonished at how this simple machine that doesn’t have complicated mechanical component is capable of effectively cutting grass in such a uniform manner. Here are some details on the science behind how do reel mowers work.

The first thing that you need to know on how do reel mowers work is the parts that makes up this apparatus. A reel mower commonly is composed of a main wheel gear, a pinion gear, a pair of wheels, a handle, rollers, cutting bed or cutter bar, a brush bar, an axle, and a blade reel that usually has 5 sets of diagonal blades. These parts are commonly attached with nut, bolts, and screws, although some models have adjustable know with handles as connectors.

The following thing that you have to know on how do reel mowers work are the purpose of these parts. The handle of the reel mower absorbs the force that is exerted by the user of the reel mower. This in turn causes the wheels of the reel mower to rotate. Attached to the wheel is the main wheel gear that causes the pinion gear to turn as well. The pinion gear meanwhile is fixed to the blade wheel that causes it to rotate as the reel mower rolls forward.

As the reel mower is moved onward by the user, uncut grass comes in contact first with the brush bar. The brush bar bends the grass so that it will be amenable for cutting in the spinning blade cylinder. While the spinning blade reel looks as if it does the majority of the work, it actually is not capable of cutting the grass on its own.The grass is cut when it is inserted between one of the blade in the reel and the cutter bar at the end of the mower. Changing the distance of the blade reel to the cutting bar will adjust the cutting height of the reel mower.

The final thing that you have to know in how do reel mowers work is the purpose of the rollers. These rollers primarily provide balance to the mower when cutting grass. However, they can also be adjusted so that you can set the height of the cut grass.