The Benefits of An Electric Reel Mower

If you are not sure if you really want to buy a push reel mower, why not purchase an electric reel mower instead? An electric reel mower can provide you with the best of both rotary and push reel mowers due to the qualities it has. An electric reel mower is basically a push reel mower with a motor that is powered by rechargeable batteries. Read on to know more about the benefits of using an electric reel mower.

The primary advantage of an electric reel mower is that it covers what may be thought of as the weaknesses of a push reel mower. For example, there are certain types of thick grasses that a push reel mower cannot cut such as Bermuda and St. Augustine. An electric reel mower however has the ability to cut these grasses as it is mechanized.

One more main issue of push reel mowers is that you need to sharpen its blades from time to time which will require a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, most electric reel mowers have flame hardened non-contact blade system which has improved durability that doesn’t require sharpening until around 7 to 10 years.

One more advantage of an electric reel mower is that it is still an environmental-friendly way of mowing your lawn. An electric reel mower is typically runs on rechargeable batteries so it doesn’t contribute to the pollution. And because they are battery-powered, they don’t require cords so you can use them on very large lawns. Also, most models can function as a regular push reel mower when the batteries run out, which gives them a huge advantage over electric rotary mowers.

Last but not the least, an electric reel mower does the job in a quick and effective way. As the blades run on batteries, they are not dependent on the user’s pushing force for them to spin. And because it is still a form of reel mower, it cuts the grass with interlocking, spiral blades and therefore they are cut cleanly, unlike rotary mowers that shred and tear them. A clean cut encourages healthy grass growth as they heal more quickly and they are less vulnerable to diseases or insect attacks.