The Benefits of Gas Powered Reel Mowers

Several people may think about why would anyone ever consider getting gas powered reel mowers. Gasoline and reel mowers seems to be an unlikely combination since one of the reasons people use reel mowers is that they are a clean way of mowing lawns. However, gas powered reel mowers have some benefits over the other kinds of lawn mowers and hence they are more useful in certain situations. Here are some of the benefits of gas powered reel mowers.

First of all, gas powered reel mowers is a kind of a reel mower hence its way of cutting grass is dissimilar to gas powered rotary mowers. Reel mowers do not tear the grass since it snips them instead, which is the same as how a pair of scissors work. This is due to the interweaving spiral blade design of reel mowers. The result of this is a healthier trim which encourages a quick grass growth. It also protects the freshly-trimmed grass from insect attacks and sicknesses.

One more great advantage of gas powered reel mowers is that is recommended for enormous lawns. A push reel mower requires a lot of time and energy to finish mowing an enormous lawn. Corded electric lawn mowers are not recommended as well because their range is limited.

Battery powered reel mowers may work in some situations but once the batteries run out, you either have to switch to its manual, push reel mower mode or recharge the batteries once more. Furthermore, since they cut grass beautifully and consistently, gas powered reel mowers may also be used for parks and playing fields.

However, there are also disadvantages of using gas powered reel mowers.

First of all, it doesn’t use a green technology. Next is that a lot of gas powered reel mowers have very noisy engines. Another disadvantage is that they are very heavy because of their motors. Lastly, they can be quite expensive in the long run since you have to finance the costs of gas to power them.