Tips On Buying Riding Reel Mowers

There are instances when a lawn is too enormous and a typical size reel mower will not get the job done, and that is when riding reel mowers are recommended. Aside from large lawns, they are often used in golf courses, baseball fields, football fields, and other sports fields. A lot of riding reel mowers are of professional grade because they are commonly used for big establishments, although commercial grades are also available. If you are planning on buying riding reel mowers, here are some of the things that you may want to consider.

The first issue when choosing riding reel mowers is the type of gasoline it utilizes. If you wish save more on fuel costs in the long run, diesel-powered is recommended because diesel has a lower price than gasoline. Additionally, heavy-duty riding reel mowers particularly those that have more than three heads usually require diesel due to their greater power needs. On the other hand, gasoline-powered riding reel mowers are not as expensive as they are usually lighter-duty models.

One more essential consideration when selecting riding reel mowers to purchase is the number of blades that it has. The number of blades vary from 5 to 11. Keep in mind that more blades are not necessarily better. While more blades make the cut more flat, they also considerably lessens the range of height of cut of the mower. 5 to 8 blades are usually the most flexible number of blades. Riding reel mowers with more than 8 blades are often used in golf courses where the grass needs to be cut smoothly.

Last but not the least, you also have to select between two-wheel or all-wheel riding reel mowers. Even though two-wheel drives are generally sufficient for typical mowing requirements, all-wheel drives have an extra push and therefore they have more traction than the former. All-wheel drives are recommended for turfs that have hillsides or slopes. Keep in mind though that an all-wheel drive are more likely to damage the turf so do not buy it unless absolutely necessary.