Useful Tips on Using a Manual Push Reel Mower

A manual push mower can give more benefits over rotary reel mowers. Some people have doubts about using them since they are not powered by a motor but they are really easy to use. You also don’t have to finance gas or electricity when using it so it is friendly to the budget. They are also helpful to the environment because they do not emit toxic fumes, plus they’re lightweight and very silent to operate as they have no motor. Here are a couple of tips that you can follow when using a manual push reel mower.

A wonderful thing that you can do with your manual push reel mower is mow your lawn very early in the morning, when there is already a sufficient amount of daylight. With motorized lawn mowers, specifically gas powered ones, you need to be understanding of your sleeping neighbors when mowing the lawn and that is why you must not use them very early in the morning. However, it is different with a manual push reel mower because they are not obnoxious when operated. This lets you enjoy the morning scenery and avoid the scorching heat without having to disturb your neighbors.

One more tip for using a manual push reel mower is that you must not let the grass grow too long. A manual push reel mower is not recommended for trimming long grasses because it requires more effort to do so. Hence, you have to always schedule mowing your lawn or you will have a harder time on your subsequent mowing session.

Another great tip when using a manual push reel mower is using the grass clippings as mulch for your lawn.

A manual push reel mower trims the grass in a fine manner and instead of putting the clippings on the trash, you can just discard them on the lawn. This way you have an instant organic fertilizer for your newly-trimmed grass.

Finally, you may try out different mowing patterns and also cutting height. This way, you can discover the most ideal and efficient method and setup for your own lawn.