What you need to know when buying used reel mowers

When times are hard, not many have the time and can afford to have manicured gardens. In addition, not all people spend on expensive grass cutters and electric mowers either. So it’s a great idea to buy a used reel mowers sold online or elsewhere, especially when the lawn is just small. Reel mowers, although operated manually, actually have some great benefits. They’re quiet, economical, earth friendly, cut grass efficiently, and they don’t blow exhaust on your face while mowing the lawn.

However, you must be careful when buying used reel mowers. If they’re not brand new then there are some factors to consider. First of all, you must inspect if the cylindrical blades of the reel mowers are rust-free. Used reel mowers are often kept for long periods of time or overused such that the blades have become dull. So take a closer look at the blades. You wouldn’t want an unpleasant sight of row after row of grass that’s unevenly cut. If the used reel mowers are reconditioned, then that would be excellent. That would mean the main parts have been checked and fixed. Inquire about the potential problems that can show up sooner or later.

When selecting used reel mowers, it’s also helpful to ask about the weight. Modern reel mowers are light and very efficient. The old ones need a lot of effort and takes long time to use. So consider the age of the used mower and ask for the year when it was purchased. If you may do so, give the one you chosen a test just to be sure. There are some mowers that can be as heavy as 40 lbs. or more. But if you’re lucky, there are some that can weigh even lighter than 20lbs. So try to choose between cutting power and weight for excellent results.

Another thing must remember regarding used reel mowers is which grass they can cut. Unlike modern electric mowers, reel mowers are not capable of doing an all-around job in the garden. Reel mowers can hardly cut weedy grasses as some are too low. If it’s a razor-cut reel mower, then it’s likely sharp enough to cut tall and thick grasses including Zoysia and St. Augstine. Low-cutting reel mowers are also good for cutting Bermuda grass. Modern reel movers however, regardless of size, can almost deal witht anything including fine grass. Thus, look for modern versions of reel mowers as much as possible.