All About The Water Garden Pond Pump

The most important aspect to selecting a water garden pond pump is deciding what sort of function you want the pump to provide to you. You can for example consider using a water garden pond pump to power up a waterfall or you can use it for the purpose of circulating water through the filter. If you are a beginning pond-keeper then chances are that you will want your water garden pond pump do the filtration for you.

Filtration From Water Garden Pond Pump

In case you need a water garden pond pump to do the filtration then you have to consider the number of gallons per hour that the pond can filter and also the number of gallons per hour to be pumped will depend on the type of water garden pond you have. In most cases a water garden pond will only require gallons per hour that is the equivalent of half the gallon size of the pond.

On the other hand, if you need a water garden pond pump for your Koi pond then you have to establish the number of Koi in your pond and if the numbers are many then you will need to use a more powerful water garden pond pump. Also, the ideal rate of flow of water should be double the gallons per hour of your pond’s size. In addition, you must also choose a large sized filter which also has the best mechanical as well as biological filtration capabilities.

Remember also that when choosing your water garden pond pumps that a pond that is heavily stocked will require the pump to provide a higher rate of flow. Also, you must be aware of what other filter requirements such as the head pressure and pounds per square inch maximum and then you have to make absolutely sure by double-checking that your water garden pond pump will provide the best of head pressure and pounds per square inch.

In a few cases, filters such as sand filters require that the water garden pond pump be able to handle higher pressure as well as flow rates and they must also have maximum psi (pounds per square inch.)

Essentially, every good small pump for garden ponds should be capable of shifting water from one place to another place. In a majority of cases, these pumps need to pump up the water over a waterfall though they can also serve other purposes such as pumping water through a spitter and they are also used for ornamental purposes.