An Introduction To The Garden Pond

Adding a garden pond is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of a garden and in addition it is also a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. In addition, such a pond can be either something that consists of nothing more than using few pebbles over which water is made to bubble over; or it can be a large sized pond complete with stream and fauna.

Ornamental Fish In Garden Pond

A good garden pond can have ornamental fish in it though a more appropriate option is one that is made to fit in naturally with the rest of your garden and it could even be more formal and ornamental. Formal garden ponds are more symmetrical and need to be constructed well which is quite different to what is required when constructing an informal garden pond in which there is much asymmetry and which must be made to look as natural as possible. Which type you end up choosing can depend on the formality of your garden; or lack of formality of the garden.

You will also need to decide whether you want a raised or sunken garden pond. A raised pond requires less excavation work and it is also a better choice if the elderly or disabled need to use the pool. Using a wall around the garden pond can of course provide decent seating.

Sunken garden ponds will be landscaped in order to make the pond fit in naturally with the garden. It is also possible to use the soil that was excavated when constructing the sunken pond to create a rock garden in which a stream can flow and empty out into the pond which will then add to the beauty of the garden and which makes the entire garden look more natural as well.

Constructing a sunken garden pond is a good way of saving money since you won’t need to use bricks or stones with which to create a wall. The plants and also the fish when placed in a sunken pond will find the environment to be better insulated and furthermore even wildlife will be more attracted to a sunken garden pond.

When it concerns the right garden pond pump care should be taken to ensure that you choose a pump that fits in well with the type of garden pond you have created in your garden. Failure to pick a pump that fits in well with your pond is one of the most common mistakes being made by people and this mistake will prevent you from getting the desired results from your pond.