Biological Garden Pond Filters

Most people think that a garden pond filter works by getting rid of physical dirt from a pond leaving the water sparkling clean. A pond filter does strain a small amount of dirt but not much. What a pond filter does in real sense is act as a sewerage system that inhibits bacteria that are helpful to the pond and the life within it. It acts as a sewage system mainly because of the droppings from the fish and any excess food that gets deposited at the bottom of the pond and releases harmful toxins. A garden pond filter breaks down these harmful toxins into bacteria that can be helpful to the fish and plant life. However, an advanced garden pond pump filter strains more physical dirt but still not all of it. Before choosing a pond filter, the amount of fish in the pond has to be considered because waste will be proportional to the number of fishes.

How A Biological Garden Pond Filter Works

To ensure circulation of fresh water in a pond, it has to be pumped at all times. A garden pond filter strains waste and retains the useful bacteria back into the pond. For a new filter, there has to be a grace period of 2 months before it can work effectively. A garden pond retains bacteria that can reduce levels of ammonia and convert it to nitrite then to nitrate. Nitrate is harmless to the living things in the pond and therefore ensures that the fish and plants are safe and healthy. A garden pond filter is more necessary when there will be plenty of fish. If one does not intend to have any fish in their pond, then a filter is not necessary. Instead, maintaining the balance of minerals naturally can be used to ensure healthy plant life. This can be done by having plenty of plants in the pond to absorb any wasted material.

Types of Garden Pond Filters

There are 3 main types of filters. They are gravity return filters, pressure filters and gravity fed filters. A gravity return garden pond filter is pumped with an outlet for gravity and ensure water flows through the filter and back through the outlet back into the pond. This filter requires a pump on a 24-hour basis. A pressure garden pond filter is ideal for small ponds because they are fed directly from the pump. Gravity fed filters should only be installed by professionals as they require intricate details and are appropriate for large ponds.