Buy Fish For Garden Pond From A Reputable Source Only

When it concerns buying fish for garden pond the first thing that you have to do is ensure that you only shop for your fish at a reputable store; doing so will ensure that you are able to buy fish for garden pond that are healthy and which will also live longer. To ensure that the fish are in good health you will of course need to inspect the tank or pond in which they are living and in this way establish whether they seem to be in good health and are also kept in a clean and safe and healthy environment.

Transport The Fish For Garden Pond

After you buy fish for garden pond you must then learn how to transport your fish to your home in the safest manner possible. This means ensuring that you first partially fill some plastic bags with water and then you will have to place the plastic bag in a cardboard box.

Once you reach home you can then place the plastic bags in the pond and allow them to float for at least half an hour so that the water temperature in the plastic bag is equal to that of the water temperature in the pond. Now it is safe to release the fish into the pond. Having bought fish for garden pond and then placed the fish into the pond you will then also need to look at the best means of feeding your fish; remember, that it is not wise to overfeed the fish and so a meal given every alternative day should suffice during the winter season and in the summer months you can increase the feeding to twice in a day.

It is also necessary, after having bought fish for garden pond, to ensure that your fish, once submerged in the pond, are kept in a safe manner so as to ensure that the fish stay free from ailments such as illnesses contracted from parasites. In case your fish has contracted a disease you might then have to isolate it and put it in a small sized hospital pond. Also, before buying fish for garden pond you must first ensure that you add plants to the pond and only then should you add sufficient fish to ensure the right balance with the plant life.

To build a garden fish pond you will need to be committed to putting in a lot of hard work because this kind of pond is going to be a permanent fixture in your garden and so must be considered a major undertaking. That is why it pays to plan everything well in advance and special attention needs to be paid to getting the design right.