How Significant is Grape Growing Season

For vineyard owners and farmers, grape growing season plays an important factor that influences over the outcome of the grape’s flavor . Because vines grow more in seasons that either too hot or too cold, moderate temperature is applicable for the grapes . The sweetest grapes tend to love plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures . At an area of 30 to 50 degrees north latitude in US continent, the grape belt is found here. When its grown in cool seasons, grapes tend to be more acidic and have less sugar .

The grape growing season is around 150 o 180 days for standard varieties . However, there are also varieties have longer and shorter seasons . The earlier the better the vineyard are chosen, fruits likely mature in the varieties that they have selected.

Grape vines grow best in deep loam and well-drained soils . The moisture that are found in soil gives advantages for the vines as well. They also love a bit of acidic soils with 5 to 5.5 pH . With the use of pine or fir, mulch the vines with it to maintain the pH.

In certain regions, March to October are the usual grape growing season. Using this example, during this period the climate is almost perfect for the vines – not too hot, not too cold, and almost always moderate . Buds usually break during March . The blooms and fruit are usually set in May. By the time August came, ripening process starts on. By the first of October, plus or minus a few weeks, the fruit are ready and ripe .

Grape growers look for early and late development during the grape growing season. Late ripening grapes are worrisome because the later the harvest, the bigger possibilities of rain before the grapes are picked . Its important to note that rain do not goes well with grapes.

During the grape growing season, it would be difficult to deal with when there are climate changes . Snow, too hot temperature and rain disrupt the normal process of the crop . To facilitate development and bearing of fruits, you need to know the type of climate in your region before you decide on growing grapes.