How You can Grow Grapes At Home

Grapes are a part of our family. We eat grapes in all seasons and do spend large amounts on them. We can use grapes for different purposes and not just eating them from the table. For instance, we can produce wine or dried raisins. If you too are captivated by this interesting fruit, here are some tips to help you learn how to grow grapes at home. You can grow as many grape plants as space and time allows it.

The first thing to do is pick the best possible soil and location for grapes growing. The location needs a lot of sun and high quality soil. If not there is always the option of soil treatment. Grape harvesting comes with different minor tasks that are actually very fun in most cases.

Grapes will grow really well when the temperature is high because sun helps the plant properly ripen. Never plant grapes in the first soil you see. Buy a good soil testing kit so that you can test soil nutrients. Grapes need a soil with pH level between 6-6.8. Sometimes vineyards will also be productive when the soil has higher PH levels.

We recommend that you always plant new saplings and seeds in Spring as it will be easier to properly treat the soil. Only try to plant those saplings that developed roots. Much water needs to be poured in the hole before you make the actual plantation and keep pouring water as you are spreading soil so that air pockets will not form around the roots. Keep a spacing of 6-8 feet between two saplings. Cut-off the roots that are too long or have broken while planting. During the first month after planting your grape wines require weekly watering.

Don’t be over enthusiastic in fertilizing your plants. It is really easy to harm your entire harvest if too much fertilization is used. Analyze the package when you choose nitrogen and make sure that it has the 10-6-4 symbol. Always apply it 2 weeks after planting was done and yearly as spring begins. Each plant needs just 1 pound of fertilizer, don’t over do it. Fertilizers with herbicides should be avoided at all costs.

You can let your new wines grow randomly initially. However, during the next season, pick the stronger wine and train it to grow up. You may choose a strong stake of 5-6 feet of height for this purpose.

Always re-test your soil every three years and keep pruning harvest regularly. When you are overdoing prouning you will have a harvest that will not give you many fruits while if the opposite happens the grapes will be of low quality. Always be careful when you are picking grapes. Taste is the best way to determine whether or not you should pick the grapes.

The tips above will surely end up helping out much. You can use grapes for making wine, raisins, snacks, fruit salads etc. Irrespective of how you would finally use the grapes, these small tips will help you greatly in growing a good harvest of grapes.