Winter Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners

If you are a professional landscaper or otherwise work in the lawn care industry, then you probably already know all the organic lawn care tips, winter lawn care tips and other that you need to know to do a great job on yards. However, if you are just a homeowner who is trying to take on the challenge of looking after your yard and lawn all by yourself, then there are a few winter lawn care tips in particular that are going to be important for you to learn more about.

With these winter lawn care tips you are going to know how to treat your lawn in the winter, what different steps you should be taking, and which to avoid, to have a beautiful yard and garden the next year.

Lower the Cutter on the Mower

While there is still no snow on the ground during winter, or if you live in an area where you don’t get snow at all, you are still going to need to keep up with mowing the lawn, one of the best winter lawn care tips involving this being that you should lower the cutter on your mower. This way you are going to be beginning the winter with no tender young grass that will be susceptible to disease.

Winter Lawn Care Tips On Fertilizing

Fertilizing is also going to be important in the winter, especially before the snow comes if you know to expect this. It is a very good idea to give the lawn one final dose of slow release fertilizer, which is going to more than pay off come spring when you go to start your gardening and yard work again.

There are special fertilizers that are made for fall and winter fertilization, and so you want to stick with these fertilizers that are the best for slow release.

Winter Lawn Care Tips On Aeration

Just as aeration is important in the fall, it is also important in the winter and this is another of the best winter lawn care tips that you can learn. You want to make sure to aerate the lawn properly in the winter before the snow comes if you want to have the best year next year. This is something that does not take a lot of time but which is really going to make all the difference in the world.

These are just three of the many different tips that are going to be helpful for you in the wintertime for your lawn and yard care.