Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Indoor Herb Garden Grow?

Larger Than A Windowsill Garden

If you do live in a tiny town home with no garden you can at least still grow an herb garden. Your indoor herb garden may not always be that big, but the smallest one to have as an indoor herb garden would be the one for your windowsill at least. Herbs here would usually be parsley, marjoram and basil of some sort or lemon grass.

If you have a small sunny spot that is enclosed you are one of the fortunate to create your own space for your indoor herb garden, that is at least bigger than your windowsill. You could have various herbs in their own pots, or if they tend to grow high then you could add other low growing herbs under them so they cover the soil and also get some sunlight.

Advantages Of Indoor Herb Gardens

Having an indoor herb garden also has its advantages as you can control the temperatures better, and the tiny herbs are not always subjected to the environment and therefore could die off in no time by either frost or getting burned directly from the sun. Also with having an indoor herb garden you may not get so many critters chomping up your plants as you would have if they were outside.

Disadvantages Of Indoor Gardens

A disadvantage of having an indoor herb garden is if you don’t know what and how the plants may grow, you may very well be growing something that could grow out of control with size. Yes size does matter! As the staff at the nursery to guide you on which herbs grow best with which and also what herbs need a lot of space of their own, this way you can avoid having this problem of a giant bush in your home later. Also if you wish to keep your indoor herb garden small with the shrubs, you could treat them like bonsai, never re-pot them into bigger pots, and keep them trimmed at all times.

Naturally Added Benefits

Besides the benefit of having your own fresh herbs on hand, your indoor herb garden can be an added bonus for your home, as with some of the herbs planted you will find you will naturally have other insects entering your home. The smells alone of lemon grass, as they could be also used to make citronella spray, could keep ants, flies and fleas out of your home without you even realizing it.