Most Organic Gardening Supplies – Already On Hand

Starting From Scratch

You wanted to start your own little veggie patch at home, and you thought you may not have all the organic gardening supplies that you require, but you are wrong, you already have a lot to begin with. If you just took a moment to consider if you actually cooked food from scratch every day then you have the added advantage already. However, if you are used to having takeouts every day of your life, sorry, you have no organic gardening supplies to start off with.

Organic Gardening Supplies: First Things First

The first thing that you would need is some good soil to plant your veggies in; therefore you would have to create some good compost and mulch for a starter. This is the foundation for your own organic gardening supplies that you will need regularly to nourish your greenery. Another source of you own organic gardening supplies would be from the fresh veggies that you have bought from the market, they have seeds in them and you could dry them out.

Or simply plant them in pots if you wish for individuality such as chillies or tomatoes, or you would have to go to the nursery every now and again to get some seeds for veggies that you don’t know how to propagate, that you wish to grow too. Organic gardening products are also available from your local nursery which you will find that they do not smell so wonderful at first, but you will get used to the smell of “ground goodness”.

Your local organic gardening supplies store will have recipes for you to use in your garden to keep pests away too, but since you may be on a tight budget there are some household things that you can use too for this. If you require keeping ants away from the area, make a spray of lavender and citrus and spray this in their nests if you can find them. Be careful not to spray the citrus on plants leaves as this can damage them.

If you need to get rid of snails or slugs you can sprinkle household salt over them, and they will foam up and die. You could also use crushed eggshells to keep off other critters in your veggie pots, and this will also decompose on its own feeding the soil again.
There is a great pleasure of consuming the foods that you have grown on your own, as you have nurtured them as if they were your children for a while. Knowing you have the freshest of freshest veggies is also something that could be envied by your neighbors.