A beginner’s guide to growing cherry tomato plants

Tomato plants have lots of varieties which can suit whatever cooking purpose. Tomatoes are well-liked for the fleshy and sweet taste that are perfect for making sauces, enriching salads or adding taste to sandwiches. One of the most well-liked variety of tomatoes are cherry tomato plants because they are sweet and easy to grow. Cherry tomato plants are known for being as small as a thumb; in fact, the larger ones are just as big as a golf ball. Gathered fresh from the garden, one would surely like the delectable taste of cherry tomato plants. The breeding of Cherry tomato plants can be attributed to two Israeli scientists – Prof Haim Rabinowitch and Prof Nachum Kedar way back in 1973. Nowadays, a large majority of plant hobbyists grow tomato cherry plants in hanging pots which conserves space. If you want to try your hand in raising cherry tomato plants, this article can be helpful to you.

The best time to grow cherry tomato plants would be after the frost. Cold and moisture can surely kill the plant since tomatoes are not that resistant to too much water. An ideal way to prepare the ground would be to spread some limestone on the holes where you would put cherry tomato plants. The limestone base would help the plants avoid having blossom end rot which is one of the deadliest and common diseases that can affect cherry tomato plants and other varieties too. Cherry tomato plants must be at least six to ten inches tall so they can likely survive. Like most plant varieties, fertilizer would be beneficial so get hold of a starter fertilizer.

Another useful tip when raising cherry tomato plants is making a support which can be in the form of stakes. You also have to diligently trim prune suckers that grow in between the stems because they grab the nutrients the plant needs. Also, avoid pruning cherry tomato plants when wet since this practice makes them vulnerable to infections. It would be beneficial to not let the fruit lie low to the ground so pests, slugs and dirt would not reach the fruit. As soon as the fruits are ripe, start picking them so you can enjoy the delectable taste of cherry tomatoes.

By keeping in mind the tips aforementioned, you would harvest sweet fruits from your cherry tomato plants.