A beginner’s guide to typical tomato plants diseases

Tomatoes are one of the widely accepted ingredients included in different recipes because of its versatility. Grill, stew, or eaten raw, tomatoes are delicious. Many plant growers love to raise tomatoes since they grow vigorously and yield more crops than what?s expected. Just like any plant species, tomato plants diseases would always come around as different virus and bacteria are found in th environment. Aside from such reality, pests also thrive in gardens which can cause tomato plants diseases. Tomato plants diseases can affect almost any part of the plant, whether leaves, stem or fruits. Growers must be vigilant in observing symptoms so they can easily arrest the situation. It’s possible for tomato plants diseases to affect other plants easily to the point of contaminating the whole lot. This article presents a broad overview of some common tomato plants diseases that is very relevant for tomato plant growers.

1. Early Blight One of the most common type of viral disease that affects tomato plants. The indications of this disease are very visible as shown by lower leaves turning into brown color. When discoloration occurs, quickly pick the affected leaves so you can prevent it from infecting other parts.

2. Bacterial Wilt Among tomato plant diseases, this is serious because it can lead to the death of the plant. In the beginning, the manifestation is not visible requiring you to cut and peel a part of the bark a few inches from the soil. Once the stem appears to be waterlogged, bacterial wilt is already imminent. By this time, it is too late to treat the disease and you must destroy the tomato plants affected.

3. Blossom end rot This tomato plant disease can be easily observed in the blossom end of growing tomatoes. It is usually seen as a light water-soaked spot which becomes leathery until it eventually turns black. One of the major cause of this disease is irregular watering and calcium deficiency in the soil.

4. Bacterial Canker The leaves usually curl up and turns into brown and until the plant wilts and die. Some white spots would be seen on the fruit itself. To keep this disease at bay, always utilize clean pots for your plants.

These are just some of the most common tomato plants diseases. There are still many types of diseases that you can look up online.