An introduction to different types of Tomato plants

One of the most widely cultivated plants in home gardens are tomatoes. Tomatoes are usually grown by gardeners because they are very productive and resilient. Aside from being easy to raise, tomato can be used in many dishes, mainly in salads. A cup of tomatoes provides 57% of the daily nutritional value of Vitamin C, plus, the lycopene in tomatoes is good for cardiovascular health. So if you happen to like tomatoes and would like to cultivate them, you must first understand the different types of tomato plants.This article would elaborate on different types of tomato plants as well as tomato fruit types.

Different types of tomato plants Cordon or Indeterminate Tomato varieties This is the most typical tomato plant variety grown in gardens. It is a usual practice for the plant to be tied to a cane or string.The side shoots are trimmed so the fruit would be productive rather than create much foliage. As soon as flowers are visible, stopping is needed so the fruit would ripen.

Bush or Determinate Tomato Varieties Among the types of tomato plants, the bush variety is quite unique because it does not require any stopping. However, there is a certain disadvantage concerning this feature since this breed needs more space so it is not possible to cultivate bush varieties in pots. Besides, among the types of tomato plants, this breed needs minimal support exposing the fruits near the ground which can make it attractive to pests and snails.

DwarfBush Tomato varieties If you are wondering where tomato cherries come from, then this is the answer to that question. Among the types of tomato plants, this variety is one of the smallest thus hanging baskets can be used as a pot eating less space.

Aside from the different types of tomato plants, there are also various tomato fruit types. The typical tomato is known as the standard and has a spherical shape. In case you don’t know, there’s also cherry tomato that comes from dwarf bush variety. If you have used a large tomato, that is known as the Beefsteak. Italian canned tomatoes, sometimes called called plum tomatoes are versatile when it comes to storing or freezing. Marmande types of tomato plants are irregularly shaped yet very tasty. It can be said that there’s a tomato for every season, purpose and dish.