Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

Does the soil that you find around the home lack different nutrients necessary for tomato growing? Do you need to deal with many pests that destroy your tomatoes right before picking time? Perhaps you do not even have a garden but are just sick and tired of the tomatoes in the supermarket that have no taste.

Whenever such situations appear a great solution you need to think about is growing upside down tomatoes. This can easily be done with the use of one bucket. You will only need a 5 gallon bucket, miracle grow soil, Spanish moss, small drill and a tomato species that you like.

Obviously the first thing that must be done is buying a bucket of 5 gallons. It needs both a good lid and a handle. Usually one bucket just costs 1 dollar. Now we need to use that small drill to create a hole in the bottom of your bucket. It needs to be around the size of a quarter, a little bigger. If you do want to then sharp edges can be filed although it might not be necessary in most situations.

Planting can easily start when this is done. Simply insert your plant in the bottom hole. The roots must always stay inside and the plant remains outside. Spanish moss is to be used to wrap your tomato roots. 2 inches is the space that has to be covered by the bucket.

Now the next step is hanging your bucket from any tree limb. Fill it with a soil that is perfect for tomato growing so that the bucket is filled up to 3/4. The plant now has to be planted every single day during summer and less during fall. You will need to always support the new upside down tomatoes as the plant does grow constantly and a lot more than we tend to believe. All is easily done and are faced with upside down tomatoes.