How to Grow Tomatoes in Winter

Every single person that really likes tomatoes will hate the problem that winter brings. Vegetables bought in supermarkets are usually tasteless and there are not many that enjoy eating them. They are usually hard, pale, and tasteless and can be described as imitations. Now you need to understand that during winter you can use your own home in order to grow your very own tomatoes.

You do not need one green hose to grow your tomatoes indoors as winter appears. There are different species that both taste great and can handle an indoor environment. For instance, a Window Sill tomato will grow perfectly in a pot of six inches if you use good potting soil. Always remember that there is a need for fertilizer use, seed starter mix and even plant stakes.

You must also be aware of the fact that tomatoes of the Window Sill variation are smaller than outdoor species. Even if you will see a smaller size in them all is made right by the wonderful taste provided.

In order to continuously have tomatoes during winter you will need to start one to two plants every 2 weeks. Starter mix needs to be used in order to germinate seeds in small pots. Plants need to be planted not too deep but at around 1/4 inches. You need to water and keep the starter mix soil although you should pay attention not to water too much.

Germination will be over in around 10 days and when it is over you can add potting soil. Fertilize regularly and always water when it is needed. When the plant blooms you have to remember to tap the main stem and the large side branches. Occasionally you should also turn the plants in order to make sure that sun reaches all sides. When you see that a plant is not productive anymore you will have to cut it at its base in order to save its potting soil and also allow for future transplants. You can even grow tomatoes indoors during the entire year if you want to.