How to raise upside down tomato plants

Are you familiar with upside down tomato plants? At first, this may seem a very odd idea but it is being practiced by many plant growers. Many gardeners have already realized that cultivating upside down tomato plants can be a very smart option since it has many advantages. To be specific, the case of pests and other animals that affect tomato plants would be decreased because upside down tomato plants do not touch the ground. Additionally, growing upside down tomato plants requires less space which is ideal for plant lovers who reside in places like apartments. They can conveniently grow upside down tomato plants even outside their doorsteps which can be an attractive decoration. One challenge of growing upside down tomato plants is the fact that plant containers can be very expensive. However, there are other more creative ways to grow upside down tomato plants which would be tackled by this article. If ever you decide to try raising the tomato plants in this manner, be guided by the following steps : First of all, you have to look for a strong bucket that would contain the tomato plants in such manner. An ideal substitute would be ice cream buckets or gallon containers. Ensure that the container has strong handle that can support the plants weight. It is also crucial to know understand that tomato plants must reach a height of at least four inches tall before they can be planted.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket. The size must not be more than two inch or more because the plants would slip and fall out. Place additional soil in the container. Plant the tomato plants in a manner where the roots are inside the bucket while the stems are sticking out. Some help from an assistant maybe necessary especially when it is time to hang the plant containers.

Lastly, put some dirt around the roots but make sure it is still loose. Wrap a strip of newspaper around stems which means half of the stems are exposed. This prevents bugs from crawling to the tomato plant itself. The bucket must contain adequate soil that can hold the robust roots of the tomato plant.

Now,place your tomato plant container in a sunny area. Enjoy a bountiful harvest of large tomatoes perfect for salads and stews.