Natural Organic Tomato Pesticide

Preparation is an important part of growing organic tomatoes in your garden. It is best to have an emergency plan for pest attacks through awareness of healthy and safe methods that you can use. It is also crucial to understand the theory of preventing diseases and insects even before they strike.

Experienced gardeners emphasize that the signs of an unhealthy tomato plant is having diseases and becoming an attraction to pests. This leads to the conclusion that it’s best to grow organic tomatoes that are naturally resistant to diseases and pests. Appropriate soil management and moisture, as well as nutrients are essential factors that should be secured at the onset to help prevent pests.

Having home-made organic tomato pesticide at hand is crucial – whether your plants are resistant or not. You only need to resort to chemical-based pesticides if the organic tomato pesticide and other natural methods that you’ve used weren’t effective.

First is to apply farmscaping. This is an old method of breaking the life cycle of pests, as well as alleviating diseases. You can lay out flowering crops that attract the natural enemies of pests such as birds and beneficial insects. Planting a strip of sweet corn nearby your organic tomatoes can hamper the attack of tomato fruit worms.

A real-deal home-made organic tomato pesticide that you can use is the garlic and chilli pepper spray. You have to make this spray concoction in advance, though. Pulverize 6 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of fresh or dried chopped chilli peppers, 1 minced onion and 1 gallon of hot water using a food processor. Make sure that you only use organic ingredients for this. Experienced gardeners may advise you to use organic citrus juice or organic vinegar, and other similar ingredients. You can check the net for more information regarding other alternatives.

Spoon out the mixture from the food processor and let it sit in a container for 2 days. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle using cheesecloth. This mixture is capable of exterminating different pests and insects such as aphids, horn worms, fruit worms, flea beetles and caterpillars.

Monitor your crops after you’ve applied these methods. You’ll need to re-apply your organic tomato pesticide within a couple of days or at least once a week to ensure the termination of pests.