Organic Tomato Paste – Naturally Concentrated Tomato Goodness

Organic foods is more of a cult that more and more people are beginning to follow. However, if you look at it in general, it does have numerous health benefits that appeal to many health-conscious folks. Organic tomatoes and organic tomato products are popular because they are so versatile as food and ingredient.

Organic tomato paste is among the tastiest and useful products of today. This tasty ingredient is a great addition to almost any type of dish that you can imagine. It is also a great alternative for fresh and dried tomatoes if you run out of them. The best part of it is that it contains zero chemicals in the form of preservatives and additives. Check the label of a can of organic tomato paste to see the contents. There should be zero preservatives or does not have anything that sounds synthetic.

Several brands of organic tomato paste also carry the seal of approval from the USDA or any food safety organizations. If you rather purchase from a local organic shop, you may find home-made organic tomato paste in tin cans or in jars. These are better compared to buying them in supermarkets because the tomatoes are locally-grown and the tomato paste are likely to be produced daily.

A can of organic tomato paste would cost you around $1. It is packed with flavor because it is made of concentrated tomatoes. It has the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, so it’s great as a substitute if you don’t have dried tomatoes at home. It also contains a lot of nutrients such as iron, potassium, fiber and vitamins A and C.

The natural sugar in tomatoes is what makes them sweet. Heating tomatoes and tomato-based products, like sauces and paste, releases lycopene. Tomatoes and other red-colored fruits contain lycopene – a is the red pigment found in such fruits. It is also a phytochemical which can only be synthesized by plants. It has been said that it has antioxidant properties which makes it increasingly popular to people.

Tomatoes are staple ingredients and food for most people around the globe and not just for health buffs. A can of organic tomato paste also make the best emergency dishes when there are surprise visitors for lunch or dinner. And with its concentrated goodness, you will never go wrong in any dish that you’ll prepare.