Organic Tomato Spray To Kill Pests In Your Garden

Getting rid of pests is one of the worst problems that any tomato gardener wouldn’t want to experience. You need to plant your organic tomatoes at a different location if your backyard is already infested with bugs, snails, worms and other pests. And since it’s not advisable to use chemical-based pesticides, you should look for either commercial organic tomato spray or make your own at home.

Numerous home gardeners try different varieties of ingredients for their organic tomato spray. Organic citrus juices are great ingredients for spray agents since they contain natural acids that can repel insects and pests. Organic garlic, chilli peppers and vegetable oil are also ideal since they are also natural and organic.

You can concoct your own organic tomato spray using store-bought organic products such as oils, juices from fruits, vinegar and other organic liquid condiments. It is ideal to browse the net for additional information and alternative ingredients.

Chilli-garlic organic tomato spray is the fastest and on the spot concoction that you can make. Use a food processor in pulverizing 2 chilli peppers and 10 cloves of garlic. Use a 1 gallon sprayer to mix in 1 gallon of water and the chilli-garlic mix. Put 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and/or citrus juice. Spray the tomato plants and make sure that the leaves are damp. You can spray the tomato plants every few days. You can re-apply in two weeks if the pests persist.

It is advisable to use commercial organic tomato sprays if you are stuck on deciding the right ingredients to use. Don’t forget to check the contents to ensure that there are no chemical ingredients. You can also go to your local garden supply shop and see if there are similar products.

It is also a good practice to include in another method to ensure the effectiveness of your technique. You can include natural enemies or biological pest control tactics such as introduction of birds, ladybugs and lizards.

Generally, you can control the pests that attack your tomato organic tomato garden without being problematic. The idea is to be able to detect early on if there are pests in your garden to prevent attacks. And bear in mind that healthy organic tomato plants can thrive and fight off pests even with minimal usage of pesticides.