Planting And Growing Tomatoes

Growing and planting tomatoes is easy. All can do this. While there are different ways to do this there is one that is recommended for beginners. You can easily start all with purchasing a good tomato plant from a nursery. A grower with experience will use tomato seeds but that also includes the use of a greenhouse or windowed indoor environment in most cases. If you don’t have such possibilities then simply go for the plants. One tomato plant usually costs around 4 dollars or cheaper.

These plants require sunny spots to be planted in. For you to prepare the garden compost has to be added. For any tomato to fully develop there is a need for much organic matter. Also, around 75 percent of the entire plant needs to be buried. Even a number of leaves can be put under ground. Every plant needs 4 liters of warm water. You have to add the water at 10 minutes of planting it because this will help it deal better with transplant shock. Any tomato plant has to be located 50 cm away from a different tomato plant.

Constant watering is needed after you plant the tomato. Around half a liter of water that is warm has to be used for around one week. After one or two weeks passed since you planted the tomatoes you need to add dried grass, pine needles or straw mulches so that you can control the weeds when the weather is dry.

If it is possible you have to make sure at all times that a tomato plant receives 3 inches of pure warm water weekly. After 2 weeks passed you might also want to use a special tomato cage. This is utilized in order to properly support the vine.

While growing tomatoes there is a need to use fertilizer. This is surely not to be any problem because gardening supplies shops can offer good recommendations. Every single week you have to shake your plants. This happens when flowering begins. After the tomatoes are planted you can expect to see fruits develop in 45 to 90 days. You will see them green and small at start. As time passes color changes and size becomes bigger. In order to have a very good harvest you should also pay attention to squeezing the tomatoes as it should not be hard.