The Healthy And Tasty Facts About Organic Tomato Sauce

Today, many people are watching what they eat. Some eat only white meat, other go vegetarian, and some prefer organic. One of the best organic foods that you can find in the supermarket that you can also make at home is the organic tomato sauce.

Supermarkets usually sell organic tomato sauces in cans that cost around $1 to $3 each. There are also some expensive brands that are imported and have various exotic spices. When you buy from the supermarket, make sure to check the label. It should have no preservatives, additives or any artificial flavoring in it.

If you want to make home-made organic tomato sauce, you can buy the tomatoes from an organic vegetable store or pick the ripe one from your own garden. It is good to add some flavorful spices like black or cayenne pepper; herbs like oregano, garlic and basil; and a little bit of salt. In a pot, cook the peeled or unpeeled tomatoes until they break down, over moderate heat. You can then use a food processor if you wish to puree the sauce and for smoother texture. This sauce is quite useful and versatile. It’s best for pizzas, pastas, soups, stews and other home-cooked dishes.

Most people who go for organic tomato sauce can attest that it is better tasting than regular tomato sauce. The slow growing process of tomato plants and the nutrients that enhanced the development of the fruits are the main factors. The flavorful result is due to the lack of chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers that can surely degrade the natural components of these plants. The slow cooking process is also an added factor that enhances the flavor of the sauce. Some people recommend cooking the tomatoes for several hours over low heat for a more flavorful and concentrated sauce.

Organic tomato gardeners find it fitting to add organic tomato sauce production into their favorite hobby. You can make lots of batches of your own produce and sell them to your neighbors or give them away as take-home gifts to guests.

Getting loads of beneficial nutrients is the best thing about organic tomato sauce. Aside from having organic and natural food on your table, you’ll also have a supply of vitamins A and C, lycopene and antioxidants.