Understanding Tomato Plant problems

Even the most seasoned gardener is aware of the fact that any plant variety can be affected by certain diseases. The tomato is recognized as a resilient plant that can fit almost any soil conditions yet it has its share of tomato plant problems. Tomato plant problems can hinder the healthy growth of this vigorous plant to the point that it can wipe out all the tomatoes in your garden. If you want to take immediate action against such conditions, it would be very practical to learn about common tomato plant problems. Here are some of the most typical tomato plant problems:

Viral Infection

There are certain wrong practices that can lead to tomato plant problems such as pruning the plants when wet. The yellowing or mottling of the leaves is a manifestation of a viral infection. As soon as you see this, quickly cut off the affected areas since the virus can contaminate other parts. Farmers tried to contain this situation as soon as possible because the tomatoes would produce less yield during harvest.

Tomato Blight Of the various tomato plant problems, this is one of the worst problems because it significantly lessens the yield of your crops. The truth is,tomato blight is also known as potato blight since potatoes are also affected in the same manner. Typical manifestations of this disease include brown patches on the green fruit and withering leaves. Mature fruits can be severely affected so it is crucial to handle such tomato plant problems as quickly as you can. One possible treatment to this disease can be fungicidal sprays so some of the unripe crops can still be protected.

Magnesium Deficiency in Tomatoes Lack of magnesium can be a source of tomato plant problems which can be easily remedied. Epsom salts are quick remedies for tomato plant problems since they are harmless and natural elements. Epsom salts dissolved in water can be sprayed to the plants for a week. Tomato Pests On top of acquiring bacterial or viral diseases, tomato plant problems can be caused by some pests. Usual garden pests are aphids, green fly, white fly, and slugs, leaf miners, spider mites and the common caterpillar. Tomato pests can affect both leaves and fruits so watch out for these pesky pests.

Just remember, in order to control tomato plant problems, consult an agriculturist for correct pesticide application.