Organic Gardening Products

On of the main problems experienced by most gardeners is the fact that most of the gardening products availed to them cause allergies or in the long run, can be harmful to their health. As such, many of them have sought a solution that could have them enjoying their gardening without interfering with their health as well. Organic gardening products have become the solution. In fact they are available more readily than most people think and indeed new ones are being created and presented to the general public all the time. Some of the major stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot will usually have quite a vast array of organic gardening products and should be the first stop for any gardener.

Some Brands of Organic Gardening Products

There have been quite a few brands entering the market lately. Concern has become a big brand where organic gardening products are concerned. They sell a citrus spray that is used to kill insects in general. The main ingredient of this product is nothing but orange oil. Another product also from this brand is soap that kills insects. You wash with this soap and any sucking insects that come your way are killed by the potassium salts in the product. These salts come from fatty acids and are not harmful to your health. Another great organic gardening product for gardeners is the slug barrier. This is used to control slugs in your garden and is made from coconut oil soap.

Green light is another brand name that is making a difference in the gardens of most people. A lawn is usually part and parcel of most people’s garden design and it is only reasonable that it be taken care of too. They have come up with a product made from rosemary oil that kills all the crawling insects in your garden and lawn. Another general insect killer made from neem also does a fabulous job of making sure that your garden is insect free. Fire ants can take the joy out of any garden, and Safer Brand has created a gardening product that will take care of those for you. Using their fire ant bait and killer that contains spinosad you can now enjoy your ant free garden.

We cannot forget the damage that caterpillars do in a garden. One of the best organic gardening products that deal with worms and caterpillars is made by green light and is known as the BT worm killer. This product is made from Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) and has proven quite effective without harming the health of the gardener. Go organic with your gardening products and have a better experience all together.