Spring Gardening Tips for a Vivacious Garden

With the onset of spring, the snow starts to retreat. Deep blue skies and the warm atmosphere during spring induce an urge in us to resume the garden activities. But, before going ahead, we need to thoroughly understand as to what should/should not be done during spring in order to have a healthy, vibrant and a blooming garden throughout the year. Getting to know these early spring gardening tips can also be helpful in getting prepared for the busy summer.

Critical Spring Gardening Tips

First and foremost, ensure that ground is unfrozen and the earth is not extensively damp. Once you are confident that there would be no further snowing, start removing the winter protection from the shrubs and evergreens.

Appraise the garden completely and make a note of the restructuring and corrections to be made to the fretwork in your garden. Look for plants and shrubs that might have got billowed during winter. Readjust those and perform the restructuring that you intend doing. This would help you in getting your garden ready for the summer. If you intend doing a soil test, this would be the right time to take that up. This is one of the spring gardening tips that would not only make your garden look tidy/beautiful but would also be utile in keeping it healthy for long.
You can start sowing different types of green manure throughout the spring season. This is one of the spring gardening tips helps in upholding enriched soil and suppressing weeds around. Lupin, Crimson clover, Essex red clover and alfalfa are a few of the green manures that can be sown through the spring season. Opt for winter tares and buckwheat if you really intend to supercharge the soil with nutrients apace.

Pruning is yet another vital activity that has to be taken up during spring. But, before you start this work, it is imperative that we have clarity on what can be pruned and what should not be pruned during this part of the year. Stay away from pruning the landscaping/flowering shrubs and deciduous trees. Duteous pruning of the deciduous trees/landscape shrubs may deprive the rise and feed of the sap to the growth points of the trees/shrubs and can make them prone to sap bleeding. Pruning of the flowering shrubs without a complete knowledge of the growth curve of those shrubs can result in the trimming of the flower buds. But this is the right time when you can trim the evergreens.
This list of spring gardening tips would become incomplete without a discussion on weeding. Opt for manual removal of weeds and enrich the soil with fertilizers for that would help you in having a nutrient rich soil during the forth coming summer season.

Place order for the new seeds and get them forked up a few months later. Dispose the old chemicals and fertilizers and revamp/renew your tool kit and make it ready for the summer.
Prepare new plant beds and start planting vegetable seeds like carrot, spinach, lettuce and peas right away.

Adhere to the above spring gardening tips and enjoy having a delightful and odoriferous garden throughout the year!