What Is Gardening

Gardening is a practice that involves growing useful or ornamental plants. Useful plants are those that are grown for human or animal consumption such as fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and herbs. Useful plants are also used in creating dyes and medicines. Ornamental plants are those that are grown in order to enhance the appearance of an environment such as foliage and flowers. Growing plants can be done by anyone who is willing to do so. However, there are skills required. You can obtain the skills through the internet or visit a gardener. There are various ranges of gardening from long boulevards to fruit orchards. It is a very specialized sector if you choose to invest in it or do it for pleasure.

Types Of Gardening

Residential gardening: This type of gardening can be practiced near your home, in space that is referred to as a garden. A garden can be located in various places such as an atrium, balcony, roof, patio or a window box. You can also practice gardening in a non-residential area that is green. For example, parks, zoological or botanical gardens, amusement parks and even along tourist attractions. For you to produce a gardening product that is lovely to look at or highly consumed, you must give your garden ample time. however, in situations of public places you may not have the time to work on your plants therefore you can employ groundskeepers to maintain the garden.

Indoor gardening, this is when you grow plants within a building or residence. These plants are referred to as houseplants; it is normally practiced in greenhouses or conservatories. They are used as heating systems or air conditioning. Water gardening, this is growing plants that do well in ponds or pools. For example, a bog garden, which is a garden that solely contains water and plants in a tub. Container gardening, this is growing plants in a container either outdoors or indoors. Examples of containers used are, hanging baskets, pots and planters, they are normally used on balconies, rooftops, patios and atriums. Community gardening, this is when a community comes together and land is planted by people in groups. When people unite and work together there is fresh produce of both useful and ornamental plants. Hence there is neighborhood improvement, satisfying labor, connection between the people and the environment. However, these gardens are not owned by individuals they are owned by nonprofit local government trusts. Try your hand at gardening and enjoy the pleasures of going green.